DNS Firewall

Firewall has been one of the integral parts of the Internet and is quite an old concept. It prevents any unauthorized access and protects the user from various attacks.

Right from the time of inception DNS has been treated as an unalterable protocol that has to be maintained in the purest format. Since DNS is essentially a vast directory of the websites available on the Internet, almost no one thought of modifying it in any way. However, this left this highly valuable resource practically defenseless against any exploit. Normal firewall is worthless to protect DNS. This is known by the cyber criminals and thus most of the major attacks are targeted on the DNS. This has resulted in the growing need of a specialized firewall for the protection of DNS, also known as DNS Firewall.

DNS firewall is highly important keeping in view the evolving techniques various hackers are using to gain access to confidential data of the users. DNS firewall is essentially a secured DNS resolver. This checks the origin of any query and in case of bots trying to gain access to confidential data or unauthorized regions of the DNS server. This firewall not only protects the database from external attacks, but also ensures that those who are operating within the network do not fall prey to any malicious link exploit. It prevents the user from within the network to visit any link that can jeopardize the security and integrity of the entire network. All it takes is a list of all the recognized malicious websites and the firewall will prevent users from visiting such websites.

The major advantage of having DNS firewall is that it is not too costly to implement or maintain. It is essentially software that is operating within the network. Since the software can be simply upgraded, addition of newly discovered malicious sites will only take updating the already installed database of malicious sites.

It's important of DNS Firewall adoption even a major giant like Google once got exploited due to security breach through their DNS protection mechanism, all because one internal employee clicked a malicious link. The worst part is, in many case DNS exploit is actually noticed much later giving the exploiter major scope for stealing confidential data. In the changing world which is getting ever more dependent on the Internet for various activities, it is of utmost importance that organizations take security seriously. DNS Firewall adoption is the right step towards guaranteeing higher protection.

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It is now more than three decades since the adoption of the IPv4 (IP version 4) on the Internet as the underlying protocol. While its purpose has been served for all those decades with integrity and performance, its limited feature is facing serious concerns accompanied by its robustness and scalability. The IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) was developed as the best technology that was meant to address all concerns. It was also developed to offer better services to the existing technology to meet the increased demand for IP-based services, cellular phones, and online gaming.

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With the presence of an enormous amount of data and the complexity of sorting them out, making them accessible and understandable for everyone requires a nominal representation to them. This nominal representation to the chunk of data coming from the traffic of a particular site is provided with the help of an IP Address. Every time a device relocates from one place to another, the landscape of the IP address changes. This needs to be maintained in the IPAM (IP Address Management) database and regularly updated. A central repository is required at the moment in order to keep the IP Addresses, Hosts, and networks sorted as advocated online.

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One of the common threats to DNS is the Denial Of Service (DOS) attack which has the potential to disrupt the availability of the network and prevent users from accessing the network. The users are unable to access the webpage or the other resources and this can negatively impact the performance of your site. A strong firewall can help screen all the unwanted requests to a server and protect the server from potential attacks. They serve as a defense mechanism and can protect your server and the entire environment of your server from DOS attacks. Website offers a resilient and efficient protection against DNS attacks.

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Domain Name service shortened as DNS is a translation service between human readable names and computer readable names. This service is crucial but remains an invisible part of the internet forming one of the largest databases. Every website on the web is assigned a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address. An IP address consists of a set of numbers in a form called dotted decimal notation. IP addresses help organize and enable the internet to work. The key function of dns firewall is to take and translate the alphabetic domain name into numeric IP address which the computers understand. For more information, please check out online.